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Panosh Kosher Catering
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Reviews Of Panosh Kosher Catering

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Caryl Davidson
Sep 12, 2017

The food was DELICIOUS! The changes we requested to the chicken dish were executed very well so that every guest had a memorable meal. The servers were efficient and attentive, and kept the meal going at a good pace to avoid too long a lull. The whole event was going perfectly until we got to the dessert. While the desserts tasted even more phenomenal than the dinner (hard to believe that's possible but it was), there were two areas that could have used improvement. First, there weren't enough desserts. I was told by several of our guests that just about everything ran out in a short amount of time, so that tells me there wasn't enough provided. Second, there was a major lack of communication regarding the cake. I'll admit, I never sent the pictures of the flowers for the cake decorator to draw on for inspiration, but the suggestions we did have (to create a spiral design, to have frosting flowers following the spiral up the cake) did not get excecuted. There were a few frosting flowers, but it was mostly a plain white cake with a monogram. We never got a sketch, or for that matter any communication from the cake decorator that would have indicated if she needed more information from us, or what she was planning with the info she did have. And we almost had a disaster with the cake topper. No one ever told us how big the top of the cake would be, so we were shooting in the dark to pick a topper. And while it makes sense that there's no perfect way to put on a cake topper that's almost twice as wide as the top of the cake, someone should have been able to figure out where its center of gravity was. When we entered the social hall to peek at the cake before the guests came in, we saw the topper tilted far enough that it could have fallen off if we hadn't called attention to it and had it repositioned. The bottom line is that Panosh is the source of the most delicious kosher catering in the Chicago area. But the next time we order a cake, we're going to have much more communication before the event.

Debbie Tucker
Sep 11, 2017

Creative menu, efficient staff, accommodating to client's budget, service oriented

Aileen Simons
Aug 15, 2017

Glenn was great to work with, and helped us create the perfect menu for a bridal shower. The food was delicious, and everything was presented beautifully; I would highly recommend him!

Bonni Breen
Jul 31, 2017

Food was delicious! Everyone asked where it was from. I gave out your cards.

Alex Sheridan
Jul 24, 2017

Another outstanding event with Panosh. Glenn and his team prepared food and service for over 100 guests. Everything was top-notch - all the way around. Glenn arrived early to prep the location for his staff and followed up the next day to check-in and see how the event went. This is our second time using Glenn this year (the first was for an event with ~350 people), and once again, Panosh knocked it out of the park. Looking forward to working with them again soon!

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