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Food Made With Love Just Tastes Better

Food Made With Love Just Tastes Better

In the Jewish community, like in so many other communities, food isn't just about eating. Food forms an integral part of life and plays a huge role in many holidays and important life events. 

A shabbos celebration is made even better with a delicious round loaf of challah, a cup of matzo ball soup and a thinly cut slice of brisket. A kosher meal for a bar mitzvah of mushroom strudel, Jerusalem Chicken with olives and lemons, and a dessert of carrot cake is the ideal way to celebrate in style and make the occasion even more filled with joy for everyone. 

So what is it about these dishes that lifts our mood and makes an event?

Love: Our Secret Ingredient 

At PaNosh, we know that homemade meals and family dinners are a big part of any Jewish community gathering. So many of our clients have amazing recipes that have been passed down through the generations and cherished by many family members. 

Each recipe allows parents and grandparents to make delicious home-cooked dishes for their families that aren't just a list of ingredients, but something made with great love and passion. 

Homemade food that's made with love just tastes better. You know how the aroma of a cup of homemade chicken broth can bring back memories of your bubbie who spent hours turning an ordinary chicken into the most delicious thing you have ever tasted? It's probably because we attach good memories to certain foods made by the people we love and who love us the most. 

We know we're not just providing food, but memories of kindness and love.

Taking Special Care 

At PaNosh, we take special care of every single one of our clients. This is so we can take care of your family in the same way that you take care of your own family at home.  

We put the same love into our food that you put into yours. Our recipes have been handed down from the people we love. When we cook a homemade meal, we do so the same way you do at home.  

We know that your mom's food isn't just something to eat — it's something that nourishes your body and your soul at the same time. This is why we offer our kosher catering. Because we want to help not only provide food for your bar mitzvah or your wedding, but also help make the occasion one in which you feel love from every angle, included from the food you serve. 

The Power of "Mom Food"

As one blogger recently put it, we all want Mom Food. This is food that isn't just about mindless eating. This is food that is about putting all of your feeling of love into a dish and serving to someone you love with all of your heart. 

This is what the staff at PaNosh strives to do each day. We know we're not just providing food, we're also providing memories of kindness and love. That's why we do what we do. We are so happy to be part of a day that you and your favorite people will remember for the rest of your lives.