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Throw An Award-Worthy Oscars Viewing Party

Throw An Award-Worthy Oscars Viewing Party

The Academy Awards, more commonly referred to as the Oscars, is an annual awards show recognizing outstanding achievements in the film industry. The first presentation of the Academy Awards was held May 16, 1929, with roughly 270 people in attendance. Only 15 statuettes were handed out that evening, and the whole show lasted only 15 minutes. 

Compare that to today's event, which pulled in more than 36 million viewers last year as movie buffs and fans across the world tuned in to see if their favorite actor or film was one of the lucky ones to take home an Oscar. It's become a tradition for groups of friends and family to host watch parties for the Academy Awards, dressing up in their red-carpet best and filling out ballots to see who can predict the most awards. If you're thinking of hosting an Oscars party this year, here are a few ideas to make sure it's an award-winning affair. 

Dress Code 

Part of the allure of watching the Academy Awards each year is to see what Hollywood's most beautiful people wear when they strut down the red carpet. You can literally watch hours of media coverage dedicated to analyzing each of the stars' ensembles. Take a cue from your favorite stars and go all out on the dress code for the party. Ask your guests to come in their most red-carpet worthy outfit to celebrate the evening in style.

For your Oscar's viewing party, create a popcorn bar with different varieties such as regular, caramel corn and kettle corn.

Party Decor 

The Oscars are nothing short of elegant. You can give your party a classy feel with hints of gold and plenty of sparkle. Drape your table in a red velvet tablecloth, then create mini Academy Award statuettes out of gold paper to serve as your centerpieces. Decorate your snack table with a DIY director's clapboard and some festive gold and black balloons. Don't forget to have some champagne ready for your guests as they walk in!

Tasty Treats 

When it comes to treats for your party, take a cue from everyone's favorite movie snack — popcorn. You can have a small popcorn bar, serving different varieties such as regular, caramel corn, kettle corn and more. Have some old-fashioned popcorn boxes on hand to serve them with. You can also use popcorn as an inspiration for other treats, such as popcorn cupcakes or popcorn-flavored macarons. It's also a good idea to have some light appetizers to serve your guests — think bruschetta, wine and cheese platters and other small plates. 


No Oscars viewing party is complete without games. Obviously, you'll want to have an Oscars ballot. Print out ballot sheets for each of your guests to fill out, then see who correctly guessed the most categories of awards at the end of the night and hand out a prize. Other fun games include pop-culture/movie trivia, hosting a best and worst dressed competition, red carpet bingo and name that movie. 

Hosting an Oscars viewing party can be a fun way to enjoy the annual awards show. If you need any help preparing food for you and your guests, you can always give PaNosh a call! Our kosher catering company can help make sure you have fabulous and delicious treats to serve, making your evening one you and your friends won't soon forget.