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What Catering Style Should You Choose for Your Wedding?

What Catering Style Should You Choose for Your Wedding?

Your wedding is a special day.  Picking the right type of meal and catering style can help make it even more special. When planning a catering menu, it is important to consider the needs of your guests, the formality of the event and, of course, your budget. Creating a great menu served in just the right style is essential, and it can be just as fun as choosing the right wedding dress. Work with our skilled caterers at PaNosh to help find the perfect kosher catering style for your upcoming wedding.

The Formal Plated Dinner 

The multi-course formal plated dinner is just right for an elegant formal wedding. At PaNosh, we offer a plated menu with both meat and dairy options. When choosing this option, make sure you have enough silverware, linens, space, and wait staff to serve all of your guests. This may be the costliest style of wedding options, but it is also one that allows your guests to relax and let dinner come to them. This option compliments a formal, black-tie event flawlessly.

Family Style Service 

Many brides choose to go the family style route for a number of reasons. Serving the meal family style means providing guests with large platters of food, and then passing the platters around the table for all to sample. A family style wedding menu compliments a wedding that is small, intimate and cozy. Guests have the opportunity to sample many kinds of items at the same time, and mingle with the other guests as they pass the plates around. This catering style is a great way to encourage guests to interact with each other directly, and ultimately helps to break the ice.

Family Style Meals Provide Guests with Large Platters for Them to Pass and Share

The Buffet Option 

Buffets are a highly popular type of wedding catering style. A buffet lets your guests pick out which particular food they want from a large array of items. PaNosh event services has a long list of kosher food choices that can be customized to any client's preferences. Buffets are often more budget friendly as they allow you to reduce your entire service costs. 

Food Stations

Food station style means serving the meal in a series of stations with a specific type of food item. Typical themes include meat carving stations where guests can get slices of lamb that have been carved to their specific preferences, taco bars where they can pick out a taco and then have it made to order, or even a breakfast station where omelets, waffles, and more favorites can be customized by the guests themselves. Using food stations from PaNosh can help any bride get creative with her menu choices, while still ensuring that all the choices will remain kosher.

A Cocktail Service 

Cocktail service consists of drinks and small platters of food that are offered to guests as they circulate around the room. A cocktail service style wedding can be perfect for the casual bride on a budget who wants to allow her guests to pick from many possible food items. 

Any of these options are great ways to serve your guests delicious meals on your special night. Ready to start planning your wedding meal? Contact PaNosh today for more more information on our catering services. 

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