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Ideas for Special Treats For Every Night of Hanukkah

Ideas for Special Treats For Every Night of Hanukkah

The Jewish celebration of “The Festival of Lights,” or Hanukkah, commemorates the victory of Israel over the Syrian-Greek army more than 2,000 years ago. The victory symbolizes the restoration of the nation of Israel and the reclamation of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and its rededication to the service of God.

When searching for oil to light the menorah in the reclaimed temple, the Israelites found only one cruse of uncontaminated olive oil, enough to light the menorah for one day. To their amazement, however, the oil was able to light the menorah for eight days. This enabled the priests to restore order among the Israelites and reestablishment of Jerusalem. As your family gathers to celebrate Hanukkah together, enjoy some of your favorite treats themed for the occasion. 

Here are eight great treats that will help take you through the eight days of Hanukkah. 

Iced sugar cookies

You can find pre made kosher sugar cookie dough in the refrigerator section of your local grocer. Have fun with the kids by cutting, forming or decorating the cookies into the Star of David. Or try these Hanukkah gelt cookies that use chocolate coins as their delicious centerpiece.


Traditionally, chocolate formed into the shape of coins and wrapped in foil has been given to children as an example of charity. Mix it up this year and use an untraditional ingredient in the place of chocolate. This apricot gelt recipe offers you a healthier version of this treat, or you can use your inspiration to create your own gelt for Hanukkah.

Mini Latkes

Savory and sweet mini latkes topped with a dollop of sour cream and applesauce always make for a special Hanukkah treat. Made small for little hands and fried in oil, these treats represent the oil of the Hanukkah menorah.

Hanukkah Cake Pops

Cake pops are always a special treat, and you can make them to resemble the Star of David, a dreidel, or other meaningful shapes tho represent the holiday. Use blue and white icing to color the cake, then put them on a stick and enjoy!

Mini Latkes are Always a Hanukkah Favorite

Cupcake Menorah

Create a large cupcake for the shamus candle or use a riser to elevate a cupcake in the center. What could be sweeter than a menorah made from cupcakes? Use your favorite cupcake recipe for this delicious, edible special treat.


Not for the faint of heart during preparation, the result of your labor of love making sweet, tasty sufganiyot is well worth the effort. Sweet, fried treats are the best during this time of year!

Tiny Donuts/Mini Cake

What sounds better than mini cakes made from stacked Oreos and icing... Maybe mini donuts made from cheerios dipped in cinnamon sugar/topped with candy sprinkles! These both are simple, yet special treats that children of all ages will enjoy making and eating for Hanukkah.

Marshmallow Dreidels

This is a fast and fun treat. Place a marshmallow on a pretzel stick, dip it in blue candy and white icing, and you can whip out a batch of dreidels in no time.

Let us help!

Kosher catering from PaNosh will give you more time to spend with family and friends during Hanukkah. Our event services staff can help you plan the perfect special treats for every night of this celebration. Contact us today to get started on your menu. 

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