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Coffee and Cocktails Perfect for the Fall

Coffee and Cocktails Perfect for the Fall

Now that fall is settling in, we can't help but think about toasty coffee and cocktails to keep us warm. There are some really fun and festive fall drinks that you can incorporate into your routine when the colder months hit. These might be something that you treat yourself to “just because” or include for an event that you are hosting, like a brunch party with friends and family.

Any of these coffees or cocktails would be the perfect addition while you’re indulging in fall festivities like carving a pumpkin... or even as a treat while you prepare Thanksgiving dinner!

Coffee Lovers Drinks

Whether you go into a coffee shop or decide to get a little creative at home, there are a few drinks you will absolutely have to try.

Of course, the pumpkin spiced latte is a must for the season. You'll get the flavor of coffee, a dash of pumpkin spice, and the creamy foam on top. Spice things up a little — literally — with some nutmeg or cinnamon sprinkled on top. 

If you're over the pumpkin spice trend, why not try a salted caramel latte? It is the perfect combination of salty and sweet. It’s decadent and just what you need in the colder mornings to provide you with a wake-up call.

A spiced hot chocolate can also be a great way to wake up as well. This version is even yummier than your ordinary hot chocolate. Go ahead and add cinnamon spice to make it considerably tastier and just right for the season.

If you’re not much of a coffee drinker, you can also look into a hot cranberry tea or other seasonal inspired flavors. And if you're not afraid of the cold, there are also some amazing fall smoothies to try. Our favorite recipes are the caramel apple smoothie and the apple pie smoothie. Both feature a delicious apple taste and are topped with whipped cream and caramel to give you the feeling that you’re drinking your dessert. How good does that sound?!

A Salted Caramel Latte Will Warm You Up


There are some amazing cocktails that are perfect for fall months. The hot cider toddy has always been a favorite and includes whiskey mixed with hot cider. There are always new flavors of whiskey emerging that make this even more exceptional, including our favorite - Jim Beam's Apple whiskey.

You can also make a pumpkin pie martini. Mix vanilla-flavored vodka with a pumpkin spice liqueur and a dash of Kahlua and you've got a fun way to celebrate the season! Take it to the next level with a nutmeg or cinnamon stick garnish, and line the rim of the glass with crushed graham crackers. 

The apple pie shot is fun for parties. It tastes just like apple pie and it is topped with whip cream, which makes it that much more exciting to shoot down.

For something a little more elegant, consider a sparkling cranberry rosé. This is essentially a bit of sparkling rosé with cranberry juice added to it. It’s a spritzer that packs in all the flavors of the fall!