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How to Throw the Perfect Brunch For Your Friends and Family

How to Throw the Perfect Brunch For Your Friends and Family

Brunch is a great way to bring people together. If you want to throw the perfect brunch party, there are several things you will want to consider to make sure your guests are nothing short of impressed.

Choosing the Locale

The first step to planning a great brunch party is deciding where to hold it. This could be at a hotel, a restaurant, your home, or even an event center. At Panosh Kosher Catering, we offer many event services to help you get the food and drink you need regardless of where it is being held. We can also make recommendations on where to hold it so you have the perfect venue for your party.

Pick a Convenient Time

Pick a time that works for everyone’s schedule. It’s a good idea to send invitations out several weeks ahead of time to ensure everyone has plenty of notice. It might be a good idea to talk to some of the people you plan on inviting in advance to determine the best day and time so you can maximize the attendance at your brunch. Sunday morning brunch is a natural choice for most considering it's the one day a week most people are free and can travel to visit friends and family.

Find Inspiration for Your Brunch Theme in the Current Season

Create a Theme

What kind of theme do you want? Decide early so you can choose what colors to use in your decorations and coordinate the menu with it. An easy place to find inspiration is to harmonize with the current season. A fall themed brunch can be gorgeous with colors of gold, deep red and orange. Let us help with the decor and tying in the theme to the brunch foods that can being served.

Establish the Menu

You may want to have a combination of breakfast and lunch foods with a mix of sweet and savory. Cinnamon buns are always a delicious choice, and you can serve them alongside our blintze souffle and a platter of bagels and lox as well. Frittata, tartlets and petit fours are also added favorites for brunch platter success.

When it comes to kosher catering, you want plenty of ideas for food and drink. We have a large brunch menu to help you decide what you want to serve. Our staff can be there to serve it for you, or we can pre-make the meals and drop it off for you, whichever works best for your event! We can even help you take things to the next level with a special themed cocktail. A delicious, fall themed cocktail could be a pumpkin pie martini or a hot cider toddy. Check out our 'Coffee and Cocktails' blog for even more ideas on fall themed beverages!

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Give Everyone a Takeaway

Give everyone a little gift so they have a way of remembering the amazing brunch that you put together for your friends and family. A few examples of great favors are a piece of chocolate, a box of mints, cake pops, or really whatever matches the theme of your event.

Just know that you can rely on Panosh Kosher Catering to help you with all of the event services you need. We’ve been working on brunches and other events for more than 12 years and look forward to event planning and creating a fun menu for you and your guests to enjoy.