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It's All About The Sugar: Find The Perfect Kosher Dessert

It's All About The Sugar: Find The Perfect Kosher Dessert

What is a meal without the sweets? Jewish catering from PaNosh can take the simple and make it extraordinary, adding style and flair to your event. Offerings of petit fours, tartlets, miniature pastries, gourmet cookies, brownies and dessert bars can be made dairy or Pareve, and some can even be personalized to add panache to the sweet table by the talented staff of PaNosh Kosher Catering. Our experienced staff and creative minds also provide butlered desserts including smoothies, Italian ices, milk shakes, root beer floats, warm cookies with chocolate milk shooters, warm churros, s'more cones, and more! Just ask about your favorite dessert, and we will find a way to make it happen!

If you're interested in more traditional desserts, consider the following Pareve and dairy offerings:

Macaroons (Pareve)

From the simple to the sublime, coconut macaroons can be of the simple two-ingredient variety toasted to a golden brown. Or, you can get creative and drizzle chocolate over them, meld with the flavors of raspberry and lime or douse with colorful sprinkles. Macaroon tarts, filled with chocolate and topped with whipped cream, are very elegant in your display of kosher offerings at your event. Variations are as limitless as the pantry and keeping it kosher for your catered event can be certain when using PaNosh Kosher Catering.

Coconut Macaroons Are a Simple and Kosher Dessert to Make

Cupcakes (Dairy or Pareve)

Cupcakes are a go-to for any event, especially when catering to the young and young at heart. They can be a plain and simple or you can dress them up and make them fun. Fruity Pebbles cereal can be added to the mix or we can adorn the top of a cupcake to make it pop. Chocolate Reese’s puffs cupcakes adds a crunchy topping to chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting, giving your guests a unique sweet treat.

Cheesecake (Dairy)

In any form, cheesecake is delightful. The rich, creamy flavors are a wonderful finishing touch after a vegetarian main course. Classic cheesecake topped with raspberries, blueberries or chocolate is always welcome, but there is so much more to cheesecake than fruit topping. Mini chocolate cheesecake sandwiches, salted caramel cheesecake bites and pumpkin cheesecake for fall holiday events will have your guests raving.

Hamentashen (Pareve)

Commonly associated with Purim, hamentashen is a treat that provides a perfect base for many sweet or savory treats. Traditionally, hamentashen pastry is filled with date orange filling, poppy-seed filling, apricots, cherry jam or apple raisin filling. The variations for hamentashen can be created to suit your tastes and guests' preferences.

At PaNosh, we can create S’mores hamentashen made with chocolate and marshmallows. Our pecan hamentashen will appeal to the pecan lovers in the group and red velvet hamentashen combines the flavor of red velvet cake and cream cheese filling.

A wonderful kosher catering meal should end with a delightful dessert, and the choices are numerous when working with PaNosh Kosher Catering for your event services. We can simply provide the food or walk with you from the planning stages of your event until the last guest leaves.

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