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Trusting Your Kosher Caterer

Trusting Your Kosher Caterer

Beautiful, flavorful, catered kosher food that impresses your guests is possible, but first you must find a genuine kosher caterer. Becoming a kosher caterer requires years of study, and to become proficient at the trade caterers must be familiar with the Jewish religion and all of the laws that must be followed when preparing kosher food. A Jewish caterer is not kosher just because they say they are, because anyone can make the claim but only some can back it up by meeting the criteria.

Becoming a legitimate kosher food service provider takes thousands of dollars due to the training required and the setup of the kitchen. You can rest assured that at PaNosh we have received all of the necessary training and taken every step to provide you with meals that are truly Kosher.

Is Your Caterer Kosher?

At PaNosh our kitchens are kosher because our Rabbi (Mashgiach), Howard Lifshitz, maintains the proper supervision of the kashrut status and certifications of our kitchen, equipment and products. There is separate equipment for the preparation of meat, dairy and Pareve. We also have separate sinks, countertops and use only properly hechshered foods with documentation to support that everything has been done properly in order to call our catering service kosher.

When you are looking for a kosher caterer you should use due diligence and ask your caterer for their letters of supervision. If they cannot provide documentation from the Rabbi who supervises the preparations of the food and makes sure their kitchens are properly set-up, look elsewhere for your kosher caterer.

Our Kitchens Are Maintained and Supervised by a Rabbi

Preparation of kosher food doesn’t end with the food. Kosher dishes must be served properly with utensils separated for each type of food. A meat utensil that touches a dairy product must be replaced. If this standard is not maintained by your caterer, then they are not kosher. 

Here are some things to consider when meeting with a kosher caterer: 

  • Ask to see their certification
  • Ask to take a look at the kitchen to ensure proper set-up 
  • Ask for prior references
  • Find out if they can work within your budget

PaNosh Does Kosher Catering With Pizazz!

At PaNosh, we offer this and so much more. Our kosher creations will delight you and your guests and your event will impress everyone in the crowd.

We have served the Jewish community in Chicago for 12 years and have developed menu items that are kosher, creative and delicious. We can help you with a kosher menu for your next event. Whether that is a Shabbat dinner, wedding, anniversary, graduation or an event at your home, our expertise at PaNosh can help you plan the menu, plan the event and be there with you to make it all happen. Trusting your kosher caterer is easy at PaNosh.