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Ain’t No Party Like A Mitzvah Party!

Ain’t No Party Like A Mitzvah Party!

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs have long been an important rite of passage for young Jewish people across the world, and large-scale celebrations with friends and family are often a part of this landmark moment. One new trend that is gaining steam is throwing a bar/bat mitzvah that is centered on a fun and creative theme. Not only will your guests love the incorporation of an imaginative theme, but it offers incredible opportunities for creating interesting dishes that fit the theme but are also deliciously kosher. Trying to pull off a party like this on your own will inevitably result in headaches and frustration, so turn to the event services specialists at PaNosh Kosher Catering. The professionals at PaNosh are your resource for Jewish catering, and they specialize in creating entertaining theme bar/bat mitzvahs that your family will always remember. Here are a few of the great theme options for your family’s next mitzvah.

Hollywood Oscars Theme

Celebrate the glitz and glamour of classic Hollywood with an elegant and fun Oscars themed party. Children and adults alike will love dressing up and walking down the red carpet, and the decor options are almost limitless. Delicious salads and sushi rolls represent the best of California cuisine, and a decadent cake makes for an award-winning way to end the celebration.

Carnival/Circus Theme

Bring the excitement of the big top to your next bar/bat mitzvah! A carnival/circus theme provides incredible opportunities for your guests to interact with the entertainment. Traditional carnival treats such as soft pretzels, popcorn and kosher hotdogs are great snacks to include, and guests can finish off their night with a trip to the sweet chocolate fountain.

Consider a Dance Party Theme For Your Mitvah

Candy Land Theme

A Candy Land theme allows you to be creative with the style and decor of the party, and a trip to the candy bar brimming with different varieties of sweet treats is whimsical enough to bring out the kid in anyone!

Laser/Light Show or Dance Party

It’s time to turn down the lights and turn up the music. Everyone can release their inner DJ at this party and all your guests will be dancing the night away. Ask your guest of honor to craft a special playlist of their favorite songs for the party. Serve a modern, globally inspired kosher menu that will give kids and parents the energy to groove to the beat all night long.

Summer Camp Theme

Who doesn’t wish they could go back to camp? You can thrill your guests with decor that evokes the great outdoors. For example, picnic tables, tents and wood-accented pieces to round out the design. Games and activities like arts and crafts and capture the flag combined with  campfire staples like hamburgers, hot dogs and s‘mores will have everyone reminiscing about one of the most popular summertime rituals for kids of all ages.

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