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Preparing For Yom Kippur: Pre-Fasting Meals

Preparing For Yom Kippur: Pre-Fasting Meals

Summer vacations are winding down and the kids are headed back to school, which means that Yom Kippur will be here before you know it. Millions of people in the Jewish community will spend 25 consecutive hours fasting and atoning. It can require a significant amount of willpower to make it through the holy day without eating or drinking, but Yom Kippur is beloved by many because of the tradition it brings and the lavish pre-fasting feasts often shared with friends and family. Check out some of these delicious meals that will keep you satisfied and full of energy through the long fast, as well as great options for breaking the fast on the morning following Yom Kippur. When you want to plan a memorable pre-fast dinner for your guests without all of the hassle, consider a kosher catering service. PaNosh offers delectable Jewish catering for many different occasions, so reach out today to make sure your next Yom Kippur gathering is a hit.

Hearty Soup

There’s a reason that soups are a mainstay in almost every culture’s cuisine throughout the world. Broth is incredibly nourishing, and soup can be infinitely customized to suit your guests’ tastes and dietary restrictions. For a zesty pre-fast soup that will fill you up, add onion, beans and peas, root vegetables (potatoes, parsnips, carrots, etc.), and season with two tablespoons of good Hungarian paprika and plenty of salt and pepper. This soup packs a punch, and your vegetarian friends will love it too. Looking for a more traditional option? Go with a Jewish classic, Chicken Soup, and your friends and family will thank you.

Baked Chicken with Breadcrumbs

This is a great way to get the flavor of fried chicken in a healthier package. Instead of frying skin-on chicken in oil, just coat seasoned, skinless chicken pieces in breadcrumbs, drizzle them lightly with oil, and bake at 400 degrees until the chicken is cooked through. Serve this with a simple roasted green vegetable (such as asparagus or broccoli), and you’ll have a robust chicken dinner without all of the fat.

Breaking the Fast: Bagel Platter and Accompaniments

Eating dairy after a long fast is a great way to ease back into a routine. Bagels are sure to be a crowd-pleaser, and your platter can feature a myriad of options so each guest can customize their favorite bite. A variety of bagels with lox, smoked whitefish, red onion, tomatoes, capers and cream cheese are a must. However, you have some room to get creative here and break out of the typical bagel routine. Try offering some different flavors of hummus or braised brisket to go along with your bagels.

A Bagel Platter Will Keep You Full During Your Fast

Breaking the Fast: Frittata or Quiche

After you’ve spent a long day fasting, you’re bound to want something hearty that doesn’t require many steps to put together. Another great idea is to make a frittata or quiche filled with eggs and whatever leftover roasted vegetables you have in the fridge from your pre-fast meals. An addition of cheese rounds things out nicely, especially the salty bite of sheep’s or goat’s milk feta. It's natural to crave food high in sodium after the fast, just don't forget to keep drinking water throughout the day to replenish your body!