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Jewish Wedding Food Trends

Jewish Wedding Food Trends

There are new food trends rising within Jewish weddings, and it’s important to know what they are so that you can incorporate them into your own reception plans! It’s entirely possible to focus on Jewish catering while still having tasty food for all of your guests to enjoy – and that’s where Panosh Kosher Catering comes in. At Panosh, we consider ourselves experts when it comes to planning the perfect kosher menu for your special day.

Dessert Before Dinner?!

Our first Jewish food trend can be described as the ultimate comfort food.

What sounds better than dessert before dinner? Savory cupcakes and lollipops can be re-imagined and filled with salmon, zucchini, or different types of cheeses as a playful starter. Guests will rave about the beautiful array of sweet and savory options to get their palate in the mood for more tasty treats. Make sure the treats are finger-food sized, as not to spoil their dinners!

Savory Cupcakes

Traditional Main Courses

There are many ways to be playful and add flair to your reception food, but keep it to a minimum when serving the main course. Chicken and fish are not only kosher friendly options, but are a sign of good health and fertility. A delicious plate of herb roasted chicken, grilled vegetables and potatoes will fill your guests with delight and a sense of tradition.

For The Sweet Tooth

As for dessert, indulge your inner child and create a colorful candy bar for kids and grown-ups alike! For the adults, just add liquor-filled chocolate treats and dessert-style wines into the mix. Your guests will appreciate the extra mile you went to make their night delectable.

Don't Forget About The Drinks

One of the latest trends we have seen at receptions is that of an infusion bar, which allows everyone to customize their own drinks. Get the conversation started between guests at your reception by letting them create their own signature concoctions! They can even name them and add their drink to a "menu board" where other guests can choose from. Who knows, a guest may surprise you and introduce you to a delicious new cocktail that you can enjoy for years to come!

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We hope this gave you a few ideas for a reception that is everything but boring!