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Kosher Cuisine With Style & Flair

Kosher Cuisine With Style & Flair

Kosher cuisine need not be boring, bland or dry. From our appetizers to our desserts, we create kosher cuisine that has style and flair. Your guests who may not be accustomed to the experience of kosher food will be surprised and delighted that some of their favorite items can be served as kosher dishes.

Modern Kosher Cuisine

On the leading edge of modern kosher cuisine, our goal at Panosh is to create the perfect catering experience for your event with beautiful cuisine that will be the topic of conversation long after the last guest has gone home.

Whether you are considering a Wedding, Mitzvah, Brunch, Shabbat Dinner or a Kiddush we can work with you to provide delectable meals and artistic appetizers for your event. We specialize in catering presented with panache and creativity by our chefs, and are eager to share our creations with you and your guests.

Wow Them

Preparation and presentation of kosher food has evolved over the last few years, and caterers are using their special talents to create dishes that are similar to modern American food. Owner of Panosh, Glenn Simon, is ready to take on the challenges that clients bring his way. If you want it, Glenn will make it happen! Since 2002, Glenn and his team of kosher experts have been at the forefront of many Jewish community events throughout the greater Chicago area.

Your special day can be focused on a wide range of age groups, offering traditional items like chicken, soup and bruschetta, or ethnic fusion items like Sushi and Maki rolls, mini hot dogs, quesadillas, and tostadas. Even the pickiest of your children’s friends will enjoy kosher catering when you offer kid friendly items at the next Bar/Bat Mitzvah that you host.

Traditional and Creative

Let's Get Creative!

Try adding a waffle, omelet, pasta and panini station in your venue that allows your guests to watch our chefs in action as they prepare tantalizing recipes. From young to old, everyone will surely be impressed. Give us an idea of your vision, and we will come up with creative ways to make it come to life. Want to keep it simple and elegant? We also cater to traditional, more formal sit down meals.

Your Options are ‘Almost’ Endless

We can help you plan your event from start to finish and will work with you to make it a special day for everyone. Using your imagination and creativity, combined with that of Panosh Kosher Catering, you will host the event of the season! Working together we can create the perfect menu and provide your guests with kosher cuisine that indeed has style and flair.