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Panosh Kosher Catering
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#1 Kosher Catering in Buffalo Grove, IL

Panosh Kosher Catering creates beautiful, delicious meals perfect for a wedding weekend or celebrating a Mitzvah. All too often, kosher cooking can run toward dry, flavorless offerings that guests eat more out of obligation than actual appetite. As kosher caterers, we aim to change that by presenting attractive, flavorful food that befits the happy occasions at which it is served. We use only kosher ingredients and carefully prepare every dish to ensure that it meets our high quality standards. Whether you're looking for wedding catering or bar mitzvah catering, we can prepare gorgeous, appetizing meals that both you and your guests will enjoy.

We also offer event planning assistance, helping your party go off smoothly while still allowing you time to relax and enjoy the event. Whatever kosher event you are commemorating, you can celebrate with our excellent kosher catering in Buffalo Grove, IL.

Call us at (847) 947-2100 to start planning your kosher event today!

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